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Happy to take commissions!


If you like my style and palette, but can't see what you want, please contact me.


The kinds of questions I ask are:

  • Dimensions

  • Light  source (i.e. dark room, or will fade in sun so needs extra glaze, harsh light/soft lighting, etc. )

  • Favoured painting type from my Gallery

  • Personal imagery - ie what resonates with you, what the painting is meant to make you feel

  • Any particular colour range

  • Framed/unframed


I am always happy to consider using a photograph as a springboard for an abstract piece. 


Depending on size and other commitments, commissions can take from two weeks to two months to complete. Varnishing/glazing however means an extra month at least, preferably longer, so this may require longer and will impact on framing. 


Contact me


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