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PAST exhibitions
September 14- 24, 2015 - Trinity College, Parkville
- 'Palimpsests'; 11 paintings (10 of which sold; 3 commissions taken)

'Palimpsest: something having diverse layers or aspects apparent beneath the surface; a piece of overwritten parchment that has been re-used' (from the Greek palimpsēstos, 'scraped again'). A palimpsest shows layer of change and an attempt to see through to the core light remaining below the layers of quotidian dust.



  1. Mornington Art Exhibition, 20-27 January 2016

  2. Knox Art Show, 27-28 February 2016: 'Drift' sold

  3. Moonee Valley Art Show, 15-17 April: 'Saudade' sold

  4. Camberwell Art Show, 9-20 July

  5. 'The Cluster', Melbourne - exhibiting 8 works, July-August, 2016




The pages of our lives are blurred palimpsest:

New lines are wreathed on old lines half-erased,

And those on older still; and so forever.

The old shines through the new, and colours it.

                      (Conrad Aiken, from The House of Dust, 1920)

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